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The Sleep Tight Stories podcast brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. 

若您希望您的孩子聆聽更多故事,誠摯希望您考慮我們的 Podcast Sleep Tight Stories. 故事內容涵蓋童話故事、民間故事、經典加拿大作品以及客座作家所撰寫的原創故事。 每集通常不到20分鐘,適合所有年齡層的兒童。


Troll … Two … Three … Four

Troll two, three, four is a story of a little troll who lives in Troll Land. Boogaloo, the little troll, is very lonely. He wants a friend to play with. One day something shiny floats by and Boogaloo follows it. Boogaloo is about to meet a very good friend.

Ben and Sue, and the Seesaw

Ben and Sue wanted to go and play at the playground. They both loved playing on the see saw and rushed to take turns. Tip, the dog, ran with them to the see saw and had a lot of fun playing with the things he found there.

The Very Short Story Of The Foolish Little Mouse

Once there was a family of eight mice whose parents loved them very much. Their mom was always teaching them about the five dangers they needed to watch out for in the meadow. She reminded them about what they should do when they see one but were all of them listening?

Little Dorothy and Toto

Dorothy was a little Kansas girl who once accidentally found the beautiful Land of Oz and was invited to live there always. Toto was Dorothy’s small black dog, with fuzzy, curly hair and bright black eyes. Together, when they tired of the grandeur of the Emerald City of Oz, they would wander out into the country and all through the land, peering into queer nooks and corners and having a good time in their own simple way. There was a little Wizard living in Oz who was a faithful friend of Dorothy and did not approve of her traveling alone in this way, but the girl always laughed at the little man’s fears for her and said she was not afraid of anything that might happen.

Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson

Raggedy and her friends go on an expedition when the little girl leaves them home alone. They are searching for something to eat and get into a bit of a “jam.” Raggedy Ann learns at the end of the story that sometimes if you just ask for something that you want you might just get it.

Raggedy Andy – Making Angels In The Snow

Raggedy Andy returns to the room with the little girl after an adventure at Gramma’s house. Raggedy Andy tell his friends about how he was making snow angels, then he was left on the sled, froze, and his arm got ripped when the little girl tried to warm him up. He is happy to be home where it is nice and warm surrounded by friends.

The Singing Shell

Those who are unselfish may wear rough clothes, but inside they are always beautiful, just like the shell, and reflect to others the happiness and sunny music within their hearts!

New Years

A valuable lesson taught by 4 young children. New Years was originally written for the special purpose of teaching children how to avoid setting a fire, how to extinguish one, or how to hold one in check until the arrival of help.

Jimmy Scarecrow’s Christmas

This campy story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman was published in The Children’s Book of Christmas Stories in 1913. It’s about a kind young girl, a lonely scarecrow, and Santa’s proposal for a new job scaring off polar explorers.

Little Daffydowndilly

The story is about a little boy who only likes to do things that are agreeable to him, and dislikes work of any kind. His mother has indulged her son to this end, and when he finds himself old enough to attend school, he finds the schoolmaster to be unreasonable in his expectations and believes him to be overly stern. As the story unfolds, Little Daffydowndilly learns a lot about himself and his schoolmaster.

About Sleep Tight Stories

Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales, folk stories, classic Canadian works, and original stories written by guest authors. Each episode is usually less than 20 minutes long and suitable for kids of all ages.

Sleep Tight Stories is produced by Sheryl and Clark MacLeod.

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