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The Sleep Tight Stories podcast brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. 

若您希望您的孩子聆聽更多故事,誠摯希望您考慮我們的 Podcast Sleep Tight Stories. 故事內容涵蓋童話故事、民間故事、經典加拿大作品以及客座作家所撰寫的原創故事。 每集通常不到20分鐘,適合所有年齡層的兒童。


The Empty Pot 💐

A long time ago the Emperor of China loved to garden. He was getting old and needed to choose someone to become the new emperor. He decided to let the flowers decide who it should be. The Emperor called all the children to him and gave them each a seed to grow. They would each take a seed and come back in a year with their flowers. Ping, a small boy, was very excited and couldn’t wait to show the Emperor the beautiful flower he was going to grow. Ping worked very hard all year to get his seed to grow. Listen to the podcast to see if he is successful.

I Wouldn’t Tell A Lie ⌚

Fritz got a new watch for his birthday and he showed it proudly to his friends. He timed them all running and then Fritz’s decided he wanted to see how long it would take to climb a nearby mountain. His friend Monty said he will go with him. When Fritz was taking a nap, after their swim, Monty was looking at Fritz’s new watch when something happened. Should Monty tell Fritz what really happened?

Scaredy Boo

Scaredy Boo lives under the bed and he is afraid of everything. The other small monsters have fun every night but Scaredy Boo never joins them until a new monster named Spike arrives. Spike shows Scaredy Boo it is okay to be afraid. Scaredy Boo and Spike have fun exploring the house until it is time for bed!

Peacock’s Birthday 🦚

It is Peacock’s birthday and he is very excited to have all his friends come to his party. He spends all morning getting ready but once his friends arrive he doesn’t want to join them in their fun because he is afraid he might get dirty or mess up his feathers. Peacock finally talks with his dad and ends up having the best birthday ever!

The Lion and the Mouse

Lion loved to sleep and got cranky when he didn’t get enough sleep. When Mouse woke him up Lion wanted to eat him but he told Mouse to run along quickly. A few days later Lion gets into trouble and needs help. Who will come and help him?

The Giant Squids Garden

Eric the dolphin loved to play with his two sisters but he often got into trouble. One day he got a playful, wriggly sort of feeling in his stomach and thought it was just the sort of day for some mischief. He swam off to the giant squid’s garden to look for sea slugs. The giant squid was very bad tempered and didn’t like dolphins in his garden. What will happen to Eric?

Jack and the Beanstalk

A story about a little boy named Jack. Jack is on his way to the market to sell their last cow when he meets someone who offers him magic beans as a trade. Jack happily takes the beans and runs home to show his mother. She is not very happy.

The Three Bears

One day a little girl was taking a walk through the woods when she came to a house. She knocked on the door but no one was home so she went inside to look around. She found some food, some chairs, and a few beds. What would happen when the owners of the house came home and found her in their home?

Elephant has a Cold

It was a quiet, peaceful morning in the jungle until a loud noise rattled the tree tops and shook the ground. Was it an earthquake? No, it wasn’t. Poor elephant has a cold so his friends gather around to try and help him feel better.

Dinosaur Attack

Felix the Dinosaur was the smallest dinosaur in his herd but he could run very fast. Everyone was always saying “slow down, Felix!” But he never listened. One day, Felix’s speed finally helped the herd and they never asked him to slow down again.

About Sleep Tight Stories

Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales, folk stories, classic Canadian works, and original stories written by guest authors. Each episode is usually less than 20 minutes long and suitable for kids of all ages.

Sleep Tight Stories is produced by Sheryl and Clark MacLeod.

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