The Two Rabbits

Once upon a time there were two rabbits named Jim and Jan. They were 8 year old twins, a brother and a sister, and they loved to argue and play tricks on people. They drove their parents and teachers crazy with all their arguing and tricks.

On Saturday morning, Jim and Jan woke up early thinking about all the fun they were going to have. Today was their birthday party, everything had been planned, and it was going to be a great day. All of their cousins were coming to the party and they had also invited their friends from school. They started to think about all the tricks they were going to play at their party, they were very excited. They went down to have breakfast with their family and started to prepare their tricks.

At the breakfast table everyone sang Happy Birthday to the twins and they were very happy. When their brother started to pour milk on his cereal it started coming out of the small holes that the twins had poked into the milk container. “Ha ha ha,” they laughed, their brother was very angry. Their mother made them clean up the mess while their brother got to eat cereal and watch TV.

A few minutes later they heard a scream from their big sister’s room. “Jim and Jan, what did you do to my makeup?” She yelled. They giggled all the way up the stairs with their mother right behind them. Their sister was in the bathroom trying to wash her face but she couldn’t get the makeup to come off. Jim and Jan’s mother looked at their big sister and sent them to their room while she tried to help their sister fix her face.

When the twins were in their room they talked about how well the day was going. They still had a few more tricks planned before the party even began, they hoped their mother wouldn’t get too upset.

About 30 mins later they heard “Jim and Jan, get down here right now!” They looked at each other and nodded. The baby must have found the markers they left out. When they went downstairs they could see colour all over the walls in the playroom and a very angry looking mother waiting for an explanation.

“It was Jim’s idea,” Jan said. “Was not, it was your idea,” said Jim. “It was yours,” “No, it was yours” “Was not” “Was too.”

They argued with each other until their mother said, “It doesn’t matter whose idea it was, it needs to be cleaned up right now.” She passed them two buckets and some rags and told them to get to work. Jim and Jan looked at each other and thought their mother seemed to be getting more upset with each trick. They hoped she wouldn’t get too upset before the party began.

They cleaned up the playroom and put all the toys away to try and make their mother less angry with them. Just as they finished cleaning their mother called them to the table for lunch. Their mother had made sandwiches for lunch as their guests would be arriving in an hour and they still needed to get dressed. Jim and Jan ate their sandwiches quietly and helped to clean up. They went upstairs to get dressed for their party.

Jim and Jan’s mother had bought them each a new outfit for the birthday party and they had one more trick to play, this time on their mother. When the doorbell rang, Jim and Jan were ready.

“Jim and Jan, Grandma and your cousins are here. Come on down!” Jim and Jan looked at each other one last time, nodded, and started down the stairs. Their cousins had gone outside to play already but their Grandma was waiting to see them in the kitchen.

Jim and Jan came around the corner into the kitchen and Grandma gasped, “What have you done now?” “What do you mean, Grandma?” said Jim innocently. He was wearing Jan’s new dress and had his ears wrapped up in ponytails. “Yes Grandma, what do you mean?” copied Jan who was wearing Jim’s new dress shorts and had her ears all slicked back and laying flat. Mother was outside so she didn’t see what the twins had done until after all the guests had arrived and they went outside.

When everyone saw the twins they started laughing at them and their silly trick. They looked at their Mother to see if she was going to be angry or not but she just shook her head and went into the house to get the snacks ready while Dad played games with the rabbits.

A while later, after all the games had been played, Grandma and Mother came out of the house with the snacks for the party. They called everyone to the table and said because it was Jim and Jan’s birthday and they loved to play tricks so much they had made some special snacks. There were inside out sandwiches with the peanut butter on the outside of the bread and upside down cupcakes with the frosting on the bottom.

Jim and Jan were so happy with the snacks they ran over to their mother and threw their arms around her and said, “Thank you Mother, you’re the best Mother ever.” Mother said, “Thank you, my tricksters! My days are always full of fun with the two of you here. Now, go and enjoy your party, and no more tricks!” “Okay,” said Jim and Jan. Together they ran off to eat and play with their cousins knowing that they wouldn’t have any more tricks for anyone, at least not today……


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