The Three Giraffes

The Three Giraffes

Once upon a time there were three giraffes who lived with their mother in the savannas of Africa. One hot summer day their mother told them it was time for them to go and find another place to eat and live. There was not enough food in their forest anymore and she was too old to travel to find new food. The three giraffes packed their bags and got ready to go and find a new home.

The first and youngest giraffe was very lazy. He didn’t like to walk in the hot sun to find food. He liked to stay in the shade and eat from the low trees so he didn’t have to stretch very far to get his food. When the three giraffes left their mother’s house they decided to walk in a new direction but the first giraffe didn’t want to walk very far to look for food so he walked over the nearest hill, found a small group of low trees with lots of shade and decided to make his house there. He invited his brothers to eat with him before they continued walking to find their new homes. They ate and ate and ate until it was nighttime and they went to sleep.

The second and middle giraffe was the shortest of the three giraffes and he knew that he would need to find an area where the trees were not too tall. He and his brother walked for a few hours looking for the perfect spot. The second giraffe walked over a hill and found the perfect spot for his home. There were a lot of small, beautiful trees that were the perfect height for him so he built his house in the middle of the trees and asked his brother to stay and have dinner with him. The two brothers ate and ate and ate until it was nighttime and they went to sleep.

The next day the third and oldest giraffe started walking by himself to find a place for his home. The third brother was kind, smart, and loved to read. He had done a lot of reading about the perfect place to make a home and he knew what he would need to make a great home. After reading all these books he knew he would need to find a place for his home that had lots of big trees and was close to water. He searched all day long for the perfect place to make his home. It was getting late when he finally saw the perfect place. He stopped to eat so he could think about where to build his house. He looked around and decided, after eating, that the corner tree would be the best place to make his home. This tree was very large and he knew that he could make a home inside the tree. It was hidden, had lots of shade, and it was flat and soft for sleeping; there was also lots of water, and other animals living there. He decided to wait until morning to start building his home so he laid down under the trees to rest.

One day, a while later, a young, lazy lion was walking through the savannah looking for some food. This lion was used to having someone find his food for him but his mother told him “It’s time for you to learn how to look after yourself!” He had been looking for something to eat for over an hour now and he thought he would never find anything to eat.

Just then the lion saw the first giraffe’s house. The lion thought maybe the person who lives in this house might have some food to share. So the lion walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. He said,

“Hello? Is anyone home?”

The first giraffe looked out the window and saw the lion at his door and he was afraid. The lion looked very hungry, how could he get away from the lion? The first giraffe remembered what his mom had said about lions being their enemy. He thought and thought and thought of a way to escape. Then he had an idea. He changed his voice and quietly said, “Sorry, no one is home!”

Now the lion was not very smart and so he said, “Oh, Okay. Thank you!” And he sadly walked away.

The first giraffe waited until he couldn’t see the lion anymore and then he ran to his second brother’s house to tell him what had happened.

The lion was still hungry so he kept walking and came to another group of trees where he saw the second giraffe’s house. He thought maybe he could get something to eat at this house so he walked up to the door and rang the bell and called out.

“Hello? Is anyone home? I’m very hungry and would like to have something to eat.”

The two giraffes were inside whispering to each other about what they were going to do. They didn’t want to be eaten by the lion so they decided to put some food out through the door for the lion to eat. The second giraffe grabbed a leaf cake he had just made and pushed it out through the door and said in an old giraffe voice.

“Hello, I am sorry but this is the only thing I have in my house, you are welcome to eat it.”

The lion looked carefully at the leaf cake and thought maybe he would try it because he was soooo hungry. He sat down and smelled the cake first. He thought it smelled okay so he put a small piece in his mouth. The cake tasted okay but it was very hot so he had to wait before he could take the second bite. His stomach was growling so loudly that he didn’t hear the two giraffes sneaking out the back door and running off to find their brother’s house. The lion finished the leaf cake but he was still hungry so he decided to go looking for more food.

The two brothers ran to the group of trees where their third and oldest brother had built his house but they could not find his house. The third brother had built his house in a tree and the door was a little hard to find. The two brothers called out to their oldest brother, “Brother, there is a lion chasing us. Help us, please!” The third brother came out of his house and led the two brothers to his house. The two giraffes told their brother what had happened and he said, “Don’t worry, the lion will never find us here. Let’s have dinner together and wait to see what happens.”

The three giraffes went outside and started eating, talking, and laughing and soon they forgot about the lion that was coming. The lion was still very hungry and was getting tired of walking and looking for food when he heard the giraffes laughing. He could smell the giraffes and thought they would make a great meal. The lion could see a large group of trees up ahead and he quietly started walking towards them to find the giraffes. He could just imagine how those giraffes would taste. The lion’s mouth started to water and his stomach started to growl. The third giraffe heard the lion’s stomach growling and very quietly told his brothers to follow him into the house.

The lion quietly walked into the group of trees and started looking for the giraffes. He padded quietly around the trees but he could not find them anywhere. He walked through the trees as quietly as possible looking up to find the giraffes but while he was looking up he didn’t see that he was getting very close to a large log near the edge of the water. Just as the lion saw the door to the giraffe’s house his stomach made a big growl and he bumped into the large log. He turned around to see what he had bumped into but all he saw was a large, open mouth coming towards him. The lion tried to move quickly but he was so hungry and lazy that he couldn’t get away quickly enough and the log, which turned out to be a crocodile, had a nice lion for dinner. SNAP!!!

After an hour or so the three giraffes went out of the third giraffe’s house to see where the lion had gone but all they could see was a crocodile smiling and sitting by the water.

The three giraffe’s decided that they enjoyed living together and so they made a bigger house for the three of them to share and they all lived happily ever after.


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