CoronaVillain vs The Stay at Home Kid 此 次

One day the evil Coronavillain comes to a secret meeting of the Council of MicroCreeps and tells them that he is going to help them all by taking care of all the pesky people. Hes got a plan and he is special because no one has seen him before. Coronavillain goes out into the world to spread his evil. The Council of WHO calls a meeting to decide what to do. The Stay at Home Kid calls and says he has the answer to all their problems. Will his idea work?

CoronaVillain vs The Stay at Home Kid was written by Prince Edward Island based author Laura OLaney. This fun book is a great way to help kids understand some of the concepts influencing their daily lives: disease, social distancing, hand washing, and the World Health Organization. You can download this book for free, here.