Audio stories for kids that parents can feel good about. Sleep Tight Stories are a guilt free alternative to screen time and a vital part of your childs’ daily routine.

Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales, folk stories, classic Canadian works, and original stories written by guest authors. Each episode is usually less than 20 minutes long, advertising free, and safe for kids of all ages.

若您希望您的孩子聆聽更多故事,誠摯希望您考慮我們的 Podcast Sleep Tight Stories. 故事內容涵蓋童話故事、民間故事、經典加拿大作品以及客座作家所撰寫的原創故事。 每集通常不到20分鐘,適合所有年齡層的兒童。


Sleep Tight Stories is produced by a husband and wife team based in Prince Edward Island.

Sheryl is an enthusiastic, collaborative and creative elementary educator with over 25 years experience in primarily international contexts. While she has extensive experience in administration, and curriculum development, she is most at home in the classroom where she can work directly with young children, helping them flourish as human beings. An avid reader and consummate story teller, she narrates most Sleep Tight Stories’ sleep stories and has written a number as well.

Clark owns Minzoo, a boutique product design studio based in Charlottetown PEI, where he focuses on creating engaging and educational experiences for children. For close to 25 years, Clark worked in China and Taiwan in a variety of design leadership and non-leadership roles, with diverse, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural teams. Clark produces all of the Sleep Tight Stories’ episodes.


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